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The pre-order wordy bit

Artwork Size and Pricing
Every piece of Ro and Ru artwork is 100% personalised, hand drawn and unique! I work in pencil, ink and watercolour to create a picture that will be loved for years to come. Each one off piece is created entirely to your specifications and I'm happy to work with any ideas you might have. I love a challenge!

The size of your artwork depends on a few factors including your group size, type of portrait and budget. E.g. Trying to squeeze 18 people onto an A4 picture will look overcrowded and you’ll lose the personalisation details as they’ll need to be teeny tiny! That said you might find an A3 picture of an individual person to be a bit too overbearing! It’s all about getting the balance right ...

Given this, I’ve developed the following price list to reflect the best use of each picture size and the time involved for each hand drawn character. I’ll include up to 2 pets for free, they’re family too!

Price list - Hand-drawn Artwork
A4 (up to 6 people) - Unframed £55, Framed £65
A4 (7-10 people) - Unframed £75, Framed £85
A3 (up to 8 people) - Unframed £90, Framed £105
A3 (9-15 people) - Unframed £110, Framed £125
A3 (16-20 people) - Unframed £130, Framed £145

Price list - Other Items
Cushions (40x40cm) - £40 (or £20 if included as part of an A4/A3 artwork order)
Tote Bags - £40 (or £20 if included as part of an A4/A3 artwork order)
Mugs - £20 (or £12 if included as part of an A4/A3 artwork order)

I create your personalised picture by working from your photographs or descriptions of the loved ones, family or friends you want to include. I ask that you send me photographs by email or through Facebook messenger (Ro and Ru Illustrations). If you have precious or framed photos, taking and sending a photo of it on your phone is absolutely fine.

** Please remember, if you’re looking for a group portrait, I don’t need a photo of the full group of people! All I needs are individual photos of each person and I do the rest! (That’s the fun part for me!) ** Take a look at some of my work photographs to see how I can compose a lovely large group or family picture. The grandparents in particular love these!

Photographs should clearly show the person’s face including hair style, colour. If anyone is particularly tall or short, that’s also handy for me to know. I’m very complimentary so don’t worry too much about body shape...

Once your artwork is completed, your photographs are not used again. Occasionally I may ask some customers if they would give permission for me to use their photographs as a ‘before’ shot for promoting Ro and Ru on Facebook or Instagram but if you’d prefer I didn’t, that’s absolutely fine!

If you would like any writing or names on your picture, please include these on your order form.

I use plain white frames as standard as these are the most complimentary for Ro and Ru artwork. If you would prefer a different colour of frame please let me know prior to paying your invoice so I can check availability and quote you the correct price.

Mugs can be printed with your personalised art work for £20.00 per mug. If you are ordering a mug as an add- on to a picture order, these are £12.00 per mug. Mugs are created using sublimation printing which allows colours to stay brighter for longer.

Due Date
Please advise of the date you want your picture to be with you by, rather than the date you need it for. So, if you’re ordering a group picture for Auntie Sylvia’s birthday on 17th March, I’d suggest giving me a due date of 14th March, just to give yourself a nice little safety net!

Postage / Delivery / Collection
I offer free delivery in Aberdeen City area and may be able to offer delivery in Aberdeenshire dependant on your location and my availability. I do my very best! You are also welcome to collect artwork from me in Aberdeen/shire so please email or message me to arrange this.

Packaging and postage costs in the UK are £6.00 for A4 framed pictures and £8.00 for A3 framed pictures. I used tracked and insured postage which usually takes 3-5 days though I post within one week of due date whenever possible. Combined postage may be available for orders of multiples, please just ask.

I ask for full payment to be made within 7 days of your invoice date. This secures your slot in the order book and means I can begin work. Sadly, I cannot guarantee commissions which have not been paid for - order slots must be prioritised for paying customers due to the personalised nature of the work. I accept payment by bank transfer or cash. Full details will appear on your invoice and please just pop me a message if you have any questions.

Once we’ve received your form, I’ll check my diary to make sure I can create your artwork for the time you need it. Then I’ll send you your invoice. Please check all details on the invoice are correct particularly the spelling and dates of any title you’ve requested and let me know ASAP if any changes are needed.

Then you can send on your photographs, as many as you like, and … that’s it! I get to work! Once your artwork is ready, I’ll pop you a message to arrange delivery or collection or if postal delivery I’ll let you know your tracking details.

SO… a BIG thank you for supporting a small business. You’re making us very happy as well as getting that nice warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction in knowing you’ve got a special gift for someone (maybe yourself!) sorted!

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